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The Believe Story

I started Believe Media because I wanted to create a home for non traditional content creators to thrive. The mainstream media, social and television alike,  has destroyed its credibility by pushing propaganda, and in turn has become a suppression for creativity. In contrast, Believe Media has  a clear ideology: freedom, liberty and creativity. 

We BELIEVE, that content creators of all types: Comedians, writers, video bloggers and yes even meme creators should be able to pursue their dreams, curiosities and art, while earning support directly from their audiences, and building brands that they own. 

Our support system for creators is a WIN for readers. We provide the opportunity for content consumers to engage in a closer relationship with the folks they follow, and we serve consumers with less watered-down, synthesized and edited content meant to protect corporate and government interests. 

Believe Media actively pursues the decentralization of creativity. It’s a new day, and this is a better way.

Our Culture

Go 1-0 every day. Priority one, your God, yourself and your family. Priority two, create. We seek to create a culture that allows our employees, partners and creators to THRIVE personally, financially and creatively.

Our Clients

We work with advertisers, fundraisers, data providers, data modelers, and nonprofits to support our content creators.

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