Decentralizing creativity

Our Mission & Vision

We are an ecosystem for writers, video bloggers, commentators, artists and meme creators to build niche media brands into viable businesses, generating revenue from a multitude of strategies that we have perfected.

  1. We create niche media brands and their logos, websites, audiences and newsletter templates.
  2. We turn these brands into revenue generating businesses to help creators thrive.
  3. We help advertisers find partnerships that fit, with creators that compliment.

Main Services

Brand Building

We help build your website, your look, your logo, your newsletter and ALL of the components that go into your niche media empire.

Build Your Audience

Once the look, feel and structure of your brand is perfected, you need to identify the right people to become fans of your work. We will speed up this process 100x for you with the use of our content consumer database by strategically prospecting and inviting users who will find your work interesting.

Monetize Your Audience

We help turn your effort and creativity into dollars. If there is anything that we are experts at, this is it. We have options for you, and collectively, we will come up with a strategy that works.

Capture The Value Of You

You’ve had a successful career that has led you to become an expert in your field. You’ve reached a point where you’re often called on for your expert opinion. Whether it’s through interviews on television, online content, podcasting or writing books you find yourself out there putting your voice into the consciousness of the world. Are you taking full advantage of your position, or are other media outlets reaping the benefits of your opinions, expertise and effort? Believe Media loves helping people organize their already existing effort, and building a structure that benefits them by capturing the value of their own expertise and creativity.

Whatever your current situation we can help.

What People Are Saying

“The Believe Media team has been more than a vendor; they have truly been a partner with us in helping our clients meet their goals. They are responsive, flexible, and knowledgeable, making them a perennial asset to our marketing programs.”

— Eric Josephson & John Hill, Active Engagement

“Believe Media has directly improved our profitability. Their focussed and sustained email rental program is so much better than anything we had before. We appreciate their flexibility and responsiveness. While discussion about who rents our list is a two-way street, deployment is handled by them freeing us up to work on other things.”

— Kelly McCarthy, Founder, Self-Reliance Central
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